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NC Welding, LLC purchases 17.21 acres for $375,000 as part of Roseboro expansion

March 24, 2023

[Source: Fayetteville Business Journal]

North Carolina Welding, LLC has purchased 17.21 acres from Sampson County as part of their expansion in Roseboro, NC. 

According to Economic Development Director Stephen Barrington the property, known to locals as the former Blue Diamond facility, sold for $375,000. 

This price allowed the County to recover its costs in the property including site acquisition, due diligence, and clean-up that came before and from purchasing the property in July of 2021. 

According to a press release from the County, the primary goal for the purchase was to prepare the site for business and industrial use.

Sampson County Manager, Ed Causey, commended the Board of Commissioners for their foresight when they approved the acquisition in Spring 2021 stating  in a press release: “Sampson County Board of Commissioners saw an opportunity to spur non-residential development in the western part of the county. This win demonstrates the Board of Commissioners were on target with their vision.”

The full property measuring 20.5-acres is located on NC Highway 24, only a short 15-minute commute to Interstate 95. 

“We are very pleased that NC Welding has chosen to expand in the Roseboro community. The company has quickly become ‘good neighbors,’ and we look forward to working with them for a long time,” shared Town of Roseboro Mayor Alice Butler in a press release. 

According to a press release, NC Welding’s niche is tearing down, repurposing, and reselling bleachers across the country.

Their clients are major race car tracks, colleges and universities, and more.

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